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Dance Classes

Ballet & Pointe

We teach classical ballet techniques and emphasize the importance of ballet positions and terminology. We establish correct body posture and carriage while fostering strength and coordination. Barre work is strongly emphasized from the beginning; traveling moves and center work are a part of every lesson as well.

Acrobatic Art

Acrobatic Arts trains teachers around the globe in their Acro technique which is designed to promote a progressive approach to create dancers who are stronger, more flexible and fearless.

Competition Team

The Dance Plus program is designed for those students who wish to push even further in their technique, gain experience in the dance audition/competition process, gain poise and professionalism in public settings and work as a tightly- knit team to polish advanced dance numbers to present at competitions.


We use the Al Gilbert Tap Technique. This establishes a proper foundation of tap technique by using barre exercises and center floor studies. It starts with simple steps and rhythms and grows to syncopated riffs and time steps. Tap promotes rhythm and freedom of movement and sound. Each year new skills will be added to your child's repertoire until they become a skilled tapper.


Students will learn basic moves and terminology, along with an appreciation for the history and improvisational aspect of hip hop. Along those lines, we'll spend time on freestyle movement as a vehicle to help students develop their own signature style.


Jazz is offered as part of their combo class to children in 2nd grade and up. Jazz is a fun and energetic style of dance that is done to up-beat music. This class will focus on strengthening exercises, turns, leaps, isolations, jumps and runs.

Master Program

There are two levels of classes in the Master Program. Master Level I or II is an additional one-hour class per week taught by at least two instructors.  Barre work is stressed in every class (basic level is perfected and holds and turns are introduced) as well as traveling moves (turns and leaps).  Special emphasis will be placed on turns.

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