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Philip Mahl Memorial Kitchen

Philip Mahl Memorial Kitchen, through the culinary arts, will enrich the quality of life of the citizens of Del Rio and its surrounding areas.

About the Kitchen

The facility is a community kitchen dedicated to the memory of accomplished professional cook Philip Mahl, a Del Rio native who died tragically in an automobile accident in 2007 at age 26. It is a memorial to his career, uncompromising determination, and his skills in the culinary arts. Through the generous donations of groups and individuals from around the nation and the efforts of numerous volunteers and the staff of the Del Rio Council for the Arts, the Memorial Kitchen is now complete.

The kitchen is a state of the art culinary arts center with year-round programming related to food preparation, nutrition, food preservation, wine appreciation and pairing, and many other culinary arts subjects. Guest chefs from around the United States will join local culinarians in curriculum development and programming.

Culinary arts programming will be coordinated through the Del Rio Council for the Arts, located in the Firehouse. For more information or to find out how individuals may get involved in the community kitchen, contact the Firehouse at 830-775-0888 or

Integrate culinary arts and the local cultural

Develop programs to increase the understanding and enjoyment of preparing and eating high-quality, nutritional food

Teach culinary skills and wine appreciation at all levels

Increase community cooperation and inter-generational interaction

Provide affordable culinary art education at an equal access


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