Home School Art at The Firehouse



Not just an 'arts and craft' class; HomeSchoolArt at the Firehouse

is a program tailored for the home schooled student. 

Three week sessions focus on fine arts education, one medium at a time. Classes include watercolor, drawing, ceramics, art history and photography.

Students from ages 6-14 are invited to learn the basics of art. 
The size of each class varies with the subject.


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Art History (Ages 6-14)

Instructor: Kimberlye Richardson

Students will look at the work of artists in different periods examining their style and the materials they used. Each student will then have the opportunity to create his or her own work in the same style.
Wednesday | 2:00-1:00
Feb 13-27 | Impressionism and Post Impressionism
Mar 13-27 | Fauvism and Expressionism
Apr 10-24 | Cubism and Surrealism 
May 8-22 | Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art
Tuition: $25/month | 3 Classes